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The intuitive visual design approach continues for image creation for developing and manipulating images suitable for conversion to jacquard designs.

Image of paisley pattern in blue, cream and beige

Different paintbrush effects in combination with paper effects increase the number of textures available to create effective artworks for jacquards. Work in repeat to paint across the edges of an image to ensure a smooth repeat.

Automatic creation of "dropped" images (e.g. half-drop, brick repeat, or satin repeat for easy dispersal of the motif within artwork.) is available for fast expansion of design repeat, incorporating mirror and flip tools.

Image scaled to weaving loom details elongated pixels by ScotWeave

Start with a digital image, a photograph, scan a physical image, or a blank canvas. Generally starting with 16.7 million (24 bit) colour modes, simple to use compression tools are available to reduce the number of working colours to 256    (8 bit) colour mode down to the number of weave structures you wish in the final design . Utilising HSV and RGB colour methods.

A full range of image editing tools specifically to allow an image to become the bases for a woven jacquard design is available. From a variety of selection area options for Copy, Paste, Mirror, Rotate, to a selection of clean up tools to remove stray pixels.



ScotWeave Artwork software showing half drop paisley pattern

Work in ends/picks, centimetres or inches. Artwork scaling to match jacquard ends/picks and settings including large sizes. View artwork image in the proportions of your end/pick ratios (non-square grid pixels).

Extra weft colour assignment within Artwork to allow automatic calculation of required ground ends to extra picks for jacquard design crammed weft designs.

Import and export in standard image file formats for straight forward integration into other image software and easy image attachment to emails.

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