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ScotWeave software is a comprehensive CAD tool for woven design. Based around an intuitive visual design approach the software is simple to use, quick to learn, and produces accurate stunning results.

ScotWeave Dobby Designer software displaying warp and weft colour patterns and weave structure.

Dobby Designer

ScotWeave Dobby Designer focuses on design for shaft/frame weaving machines. The software foundation’s follow design practices creating an instinctive visual design approach which is fast to learn and produces accurate stunning results.

Key features include:

  • Fast easy creation of warp and weft (fill) patterns

  • Easy input of weave, draft and lifting plan data

  • Fabric simulations to mimic cloth look, including finishing effects

  • Production specification (loomcard) output with full production details

  • Export options to electronic dobby looms.

  • Incorporating Yarn Designer for solid, twist, mixture and fancy yarns including Pantone® colours

ScotWeave Jacquard Designer software

Jacquard Designer

ScotWeave Jacquard Designer is the digital tool for bringing together imagery and weave structures to create all types of jacquard fabrics. The keystone of the software is the visual design approach in keeping with jacquard design methods, quick to learn and outputs files for manufacture.


 Key features include:

  • Incorporating Artwork Designer for image editing

  • Fast easy creation of warp and weft (fill) patterns

  • Easy input of weaves – create your own or use existing library

  • Full float check and break with "smart" float breaking facility

  • Incorporates Jacquard Looms for output to electronic jacquards

  • Incorporating Yarn Designer for solid, twist, mixture and fancy yarns and Pantone® colour

ScotWeave Technical Weaver software showing Cross-section and 3D schematic

Technical Weaver

ScotWeave Technical Weaver has been designed for the creation of complex technical fabrics. The software allows the development of complex layered architectures, through a visual easy to use interface.

Key Features include:

  • 3D Weave schematic for dynamic viewing of woven preform

  • Weave cross-section input of complex structures

  • Pockets of space/gaps for reinforcement products easily achieved

  • Weave Notation extracted from cross-section schematic

  • Output to Dobby or Jacquard looms

virtual layout of fabric and chair presentation by ScotWeave


ScotWeave Presentation program allows you to create digital layouts or 'storyboards' incorporating fabric simulations, digital images and text. Output an electronic final image or print to paper.


Key Features include:

  • Create layouts or 'storyboards' on screen

  • Works with all ScotWeave design types

  • Simple drag and drop interface for image objects

  • Add text quickly and easily using standard Windows® fonts

  • Add background images to enhance the presentation

ScotWeave Drape program to predict how a fabric will look in an end product


ScotWeave Drape allows fabric simulations to be placed onto a base image to allow easy forecasting of how a product will look.


Key features include:

  • Easy visual creation of draping grids superimposed on image

  • Drape different fabric images onto the one base image

  • Adjust fabric scale on each drape region

  • Drape with any standard image file format

  • Drape with ScotWeave Dobby and Jacquard designs

  • Output finished drape image in standard image file format

Image of leaves in grey and turquoise


ScotWeave Artwork Designer is a comprehensive image creation software optimised for the creation of images suitable for conversion to jacquard designs.

Key features include:

  • Full range of image editing tools.

  • Image creation optimised for conversion to jacquard designs

  • Colour modes in 256 (8 bit) or 16.7 million (24 bit)

  • Paint in repeat and paint across the joins of an image

  • Automatic creation of "dropped" images (e.g. half-drop etc.)

  • Artwork scaling to match jacquard ends/picks and settings

Supporting Programs

The ScotWeave supporting programs continue the intuitive visual design approach and are included within the appropriate designer bundles to compliment design creation and information output requirements.

ScotWeave yarn Program for creating yarn colours within your Dobby and jacquard woven design

Yarn Designer

Key features include:

  • Create yarn shades for use with the ScotWeave Designer programs.

  • Quick and easy to use, fast intuitive creation, colour matching of yarn colours.

  • Colour display based around the intuitive HSV (HLS) colour model

  • RGB colour values are also displayed for compatibility

  • Separate screen and printer colour matching

  • Easy creation of single colour, twist and mixture yarns

  • Pantone® colour systems utilised

  • Yarns saved in yarn files with a common yarn count value

  • Supports all the major yarn count systems

  • Options to copy yarns between files

  • Yarn costing data stored with the yarn file for use in fabric costing

  • Yarn fibre content data stored for use in fibre composition

  • Scanning feature for creation of fancy yarns

  • Image edit tools to speed up creation of fancy yarns

  • Automatic creation of space-dyed yarns

  • 100% Microsoft Windows compatible

ScotWeave Jacquard Loom program showing

Jacquard Looms

Key features include:

  • Easy visual creation of jacquard harness data to match loom setup

  • Set of tools for automatically creating castout harness patterns

  • Supports popular jacquard formats (Bonas, Staubli)

  • Support for jacquard heads with up to 32,000 individual lifters

  • Automatic centering of design in harness

  • Automatic warp lift analysis for weaving face down

  • Support for variable weft density and weave speed

  • Dobby and Jacquard designs can be sent to jacquard looms

  • Printout option for mechanical jacquard looms

  • Included in  ScotWeave Jacquard Designer bundle

  • 100% Microsoft Windows compatible

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