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Dobby Designer

ScotWeave Dobby software is a comprehensive digital tool for shaft weaving design. Based around an intuitive visual design approach the software is simple to use, quick to learn, and produces accurate results.

Scotweave Yarn Designer colour pages with coloured yarns lying on top.

A number of quick and easy pattern input methods are available for fast and easy creation of warp and weft (fill) colour patterns using yarns created in Yarn Designer. Stripes and checks are created in seconds, with rapid colour change. Traditional colourway creation is easy to achieve or utilise ScotWeave’s automatic colourway creator, Kaleidoscope. The 'Pattern Generator' tool create brand new designs based our your parameters.  Option for automatic "centering" of warp and/or weft pattern within loom width and length.

ScotWeave simulation of a check fabric with light milled finish

Production specification (loomcard) output with full production details, data can also be output direct to looms with the option to link to other production software.


Included in the Dobby Designer bundle is Yarn Designer for single colour, twist, mixture and fancy yarn creation including Pantone® colours.


100% Microsoft Windows© compatible, using standard PC/laptop hardware.

ScotWeave Dobby Designer is extremely versatile and will create any type of dobby fabric with applications in menswear, ladieswear, upholstery, interiors, accessories, automotive and technical areas. Used by designers, freelancers, stylists, technical makers and for education. ScotWeave software reduces sampling time, increases design output and productivity by eliminating construction errors and costly time-consuming production sampling, a big design advantage.


ScotWeave Dobby Designer showing diamond pattern in yellows and  turquois

Work with the draft/draw and peg/chain plan or the composite weave and let ScotWeave automatically generate the Draft and Peg making details. Easily create and save weaves with the help of our intuitive tool options or select a weave from our extensive library. Automatic float checking and breaking can be applied to the structure. Weave 3D view allows the structure to be viewed as a real 3D image and move around and through the structure in real-time.


Fabric finishing can be applied to the digital simulations to mimic cloth look. Electronic simulations can be saved and emailed in standard file formats. 

A selection of dobby fabrics
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