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Technical Weaver

ScotWeave Technical Weaver is an exciting product for the creation of complex technical fabrics. The software has been designed to meet the exacting needs of the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

ScotWeave Technical Weaver software showing 3D schematic and cross section of yarn path

View weave in small sections for simple location of sections of weave structure. Pockets of space/gaps for reinforcement products easily achieved. Multi stack options as one cloth or multiple cloths available.

Real yarn information including yarn count, fibre type along with the cross-sectional shape are incorporated for more accurate 3D weave schematics.

Technical 3D weave schematic by ScotWeave

ScotWeave Technical Weaver is tailored to meet the exacting requirements of technical textile producers and engineers creating industrial, commercial, medical and geo-textiles. Offering complete CAD-CAM software for creating dobby or jacquard preforms where the structure architecture and performance is vital.


Easy creation of complex layered architectures through cross section visuals, containing stacking orders, stuffers and variable densities allowing easy sight of stacking weft tows, binding warps and straight stuffer warps as required to complete the structure. Copy/paste and other manipulation tools are available to allow easily build up of in-depth structures in XYZ directions. Weave Notation extracted from cross-section schematic.

Scotweave 3D weave  schematic of XYZ architectures

The 3D schematic allows access to the architecture performance with real time movement of the viewpoint allowing easier analyses. Ability to walk through the structure giving detailed views of individual tow travel. If pockets of space are utilised, wefts are easily removed from the stack to help visualise locations for the injection of resins etc. Export of 3D structure geometry as IGES files for use by Finite Element Analysis software and other CAD/CAM engineering software.

Production data can be sent directly to electronic loom controllers (Bonas, Staubli) for up to 32,000 hooks though ScotWeave Jacquard Looms program. 64 shafts available for dobby looms. Information to Staubli bitmap multiple warp shed positions available.

100% Microsoft Windows© compatible, using standard PC/laptop hardware. Electronic simulations can be saved and sent in standard file formats. 

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