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Jacquard Designer

ScotWeave Jacquard Designer is an extensive digital tool for building woven jacquard designs quickly and accurately. An intuitive visual design approach the software is quick to learn, and produces accurate stunning results.

Original jacquard artwork with punchcards

Fast and easy creation of warp and weft (fill) colour patterns with ability to split into individual cloth layers using yarns created in Yarn Designer. 'Kaleidoscope' & 'Pattern Generator' for automatic colour pattern creation. Fabric finishing options on digital and printed simulations to mimic real fabric promotes faster marketing of your products to your customers.

ScotWeave 3D weave schematic for double cloth
ScotWeave Jacquard Designer simulation of multiple square woven design

Automatically update of total jacquard weave if changes made to artwork, and any changes to design are viewed on screen in real-time.


Jacquard Looms program for output to electronic jacquards reduces manual transferring of data.


ScotWeave Jacquard Designer is 100% Microsoft Windows© compatible, using standard PC/laptop hardware.

The software will work with any Windows© compatible printer and scanner. Electronic simulations can be saved and emailed in standard file formats. 

The ScotWeave Jacquard Designer is the digital solution to create a jacquard fabric in a fraction of the time and includes the following:

Artwork Designer software is for image creation and optimised for the creation of digital images suitable for conversion to jacquard designs with fast and easy image editing with scaling to your weaving details.

Yarn Designer for creation of single colour, twist, mixture and fancy yarns with Pantone® colour options.

Coloured yarns over ScotWeave Yarn Designer colour pages

Easy input of weaves – from simple weaves to complex layered structures create your own or use the existing library. A visual approach to applying weaves to image colours with change footing options and see results instantly. Full float check and break with "smart" float breaking facility. View total jacquard weave as lifts, yarn colours, or artwork. Weave 3D to view the woven fabric structure as a true 3D image.

Patterned jacquard woven fabrics
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