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Tartan fabric  with undulating folds

Developing Innovative Strategies

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ScotWeave Dobby Designer is a comprehensive digital tool for shaft and tappet weave design. Instinctive visual design the software is simple to use and produces accurate simulations. Stripes and checks are easy to set up through yarns, warp and weft colour patterns, weaves, draft and lifting plans with output to looms.


ScotWeave Technical Weaver is an exciting product for the creation of complex 3D technical architectures. The software has been designed to meet the exacting needs of the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. Working with stacks, tows, binders through XYZ directions.


ScotWeave Jacquard Designer is an extensive digital tool for building woven jacquard designs quickly and accurately. An intuitive visual design approach the software incorporates artwork manipulation, scaling to the loom, yarns, colour patterns, weaves and output to jacquard looms.

landscape of the Tweed valley, home of Scottish textiles.


Nestled in the heart of the Scottish weaving industry, ScotCad Textiles Ltd puts the designer first. Utilising the advantages of digital technology our ScotWeave software allows designers full creativity, with fast and effective processes.

Research and development is our ethos, to allow seamless design to production opportunities. After sales customer care is very important, software developments are often a direct response from customer feedback.


Dave Kemp our Managing Director leads the team with his wealth of experience in software development specifically for the woven designer.

The ScotWeave software brand is owned and developed by ScotCad Textiles Limited, a fully independent limited company registered in Scotland, UK.



ScotWeave Simulations for Dobby, Technical Weaver and Jaquard in neutral tones
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